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Versova Beach

One of the most toxic beaches on Mumbai's shore.

However, the slum residents seemed to have developed visual immunity.

The study found that the presence of faecal coliform (FC) – the bacterium found in human and animal excreta – was 16 times over the safe limit at Chimbai and Juhu, and nine times the safe limit at Versova. The safe limit, according to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), is 100/100 millilitres (ml) in Versova it was 920/100ml.​

The faecal bacteria also thrive on the sands and sediments on the beaches.​

Microplastics, 5-10 microns big are consumed by planktons.

The base of the food chain gets affected as the planktons are eaten by the bigger fish, which are further consumed by humans.

Versova Beach

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