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Asian Paints - Kamyabi Ke Rang  (Colors of Success)
Agency - Supari Studios
Producer - Aditi
Producer - Rohit Rawat
Cinematography - Vasuki SN
Editor - Rajmitra
Assistant Director - Ali Balsani   
Director - Abeer Khan                                                                                


Brand Film - Mahindra

Brand Film - Mahindra
Agency - FCB ULKA
Production house - Song Bird Productions
Cinematography - Arshad Khan
Editor - Ganesh
Director - Abeer Khan

HDFC ERGO Brand Film
Direction - Varun Bhatla & Abeer Khan

Cinematography - Arshad Khan
Writer - Kanchi Yengul
Actor - Varin
Roopani, Sharmila  Rajaram Shinde, Heital Puniwala.
Assistant - Anshuman

DI - Stair 9 studios

Director - Amit Mishr
Executive Producers: @kedhharbarrve @suryab
Producer: @pal_sing singh
Associate Producer: @dayasuryavanshi
DOP: @and_abeer
1st AC: @kartikeyagarg
DA: @sushantsilva
1st AD: @shreya.clicks
2nd AD: @_lokkesh_
AD Intern: @yash_apradh
Spot Boys: Pravesh, Arun
Office Support: Surendra Koli, Ujwala Shinde


Nine Lives - Gender
Project commissioned by National Geographic, USA
Direction and Camera - Robin Hammond
Line Producer - Abeer Khan


Paani Foundation
Field Director - Abeer Khan
Camera - Vaibhav Kanade
Producer - Durga Rao Rane

Sound - Yogesh 
Assistant - Asif Khan



22     Floor, Alta Monte

This piece narrates a personal experience of witnessing the transformation of space by the mindless overlaying of inert cement structures. An insight into the new India's unsustainable development from a vantage point of a 22nd floor high rise adds to the absurdity, stating the choicelessness of the situation.

Home of Smiles, Kashmir

In crises torn Kashmir, the young generations of female are lost than ever.

Producer - Durga Rao Rane, Adhik Kadam

Directed - Abeer Khan


The mind wanders only if you let it. 
Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan


Dilution In Layout Open Spaces

Project commissioned by UDRI, Mumbai 

Direction, Editing and Camera - Abeer Khan
Voice Over - Priyanka Bhonsle

Aerial Photography - Prashant Soni
Location - Mumbai


Holland Meets Mumbai Promo films, 2014
Director - Abeer Khan

Host - Sander Dekhuijzen


Mumbai and its heritage - An architecture marvel.
Featuring the beauty of Victorian Gothic and Art deco buildings and the ceremony at Unesco for declaring the precinct as a World Heritage site. 
Project Commissioned by Nagar
Director and Camera - Abeer Khan
Location - Mumbai


Father Dean Martin, and Good times.
Mr.Khan a musician has a set routine to listen to his favourite melodies and the way he listens to music is a melody in itself.

Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan
Featuring - Rafeeq Mohd Khan


Lockdown Impacts on Sex workers of Kamathipura

India's lockdown in 2020 was one of the strictest in the world, millions of migrant workers and those in the informal economy were abandoned to hunger. UK-based charity Collateral Global ( commissioned this film by Abeer Khan (filmmaker, photographer, and co-director) and Kunal Purohit (an independent journalist and co-director).

Far from the Madding Crowd

A film about a madman and his life in Mumbai rains.
he title is based on Thomas Hardy's novel by the same name.

The film depicts that sanity is subjective, It is about people who are mad enough to live by themselves in this congested world.

Director - Abeer Khan Thank you, Aman Bhaya for your patience.

Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles of Mumbai

Project commissioned by FORT

Direction and Editing  - Abeer Khan
Cinematography - Shrish Tomar
Voice Over - Anish
Sound Mixing - Temton Boga
DI - Prathvish Hegde

Aerial Photography - Prashant Soni
Location - South Mumbai


Personal Essay
Director - Abeer Khan


The Closing of a Bookstore
Iconic bookstore 'STRAND' bid adieu and these were its lasting images.
Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan


Dad recites poetry.
Nazm a form of Urdu poetry is significantly written by controlling one’s thoughts and feelings, which are constructively discussed as well as developed and finally, concluded, according to the poetic laws.

Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan
Featuring - Rafeeq Mohd Khan


Silent Film
Actor - Sandesh Reddy
A film by Abeer Khan


In association with Borderless World Foundation

Direction, Camera & Editing  - Abeer Khan
Location - Kashmir



A collapse in the sense of being and identities at Mumbai Housing Projects.An outside perspective of the lives outside the micro-vertical slums of Mumbai. 

Self-initiated Project
A film by Abeer Khan
Published - Homegrown


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