Dilution In Layout Open Spaces

Project commissioned by UDRI, Mumbai 

Direction, Editing and Camera - Abeer Khan
Voice Over - Priyanka Bhonsle

Aerial Photography - Prashant Soni
Location - Mumbai


Nine Lives - Gender

Project commissioned by National Geographic, USA

Direction and Camera - Robin Hammond
Line Producer - Abeer Khan




In association with Borderless World Foundation

Direction, Camera & Editing  - Abeer Khan
Location - Kashmir

A collapse in the sense of being and identities at Mumbai Housing Projects.An outside perspective of the lives outside the micro-vertical slums of Mumbai. 

Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan
Published - Homegrown


Father Dean Martin, and Good times.
Mr.Khan a musician has a set routine to listen to his favourite melodies and the way he listens to music is a melody in itself.

Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan

Featuring - Rafeeq Mohd Khan


Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles of Mumbai

Project commissioned by FORT

Direction and Editing  - Abeer Khan
Cinematography - Shrish Tomar
Voice Over - Anish
Sound Mixing - Temton Boga
DI - Prathvish Hegde

Aerial Photography - Prashant Soni
Location - South Mumbai


Mumbai and its heritage - An architecture marvel.

Featuring the beauty of Victorian Gothic and Art deco buildings and the ceremony at Unesco for declaring the precinct as a World Heritage site. 
Project Commissioned by Nagar
Director and Camera - Abeer Khan
Location - Mumbai


Mumbai World Heritage Site Ensemble, Digital Ad - 60 sec
Direction and Editing - Abeer Khan

Cinematography - Shrish Tomar

Actor - Aishwarya 
Location - Mumbai


HDFC ERGO Brand Film
Direction - Varun Bhatla & Abeer Khan

Cinematography - Arshad Khan

Writer - Kanchi Yengul
Actor - Varin Roopani, Sharmila  Rajaram Shinde, Heital Puniwala.
Assistant - Anshuman

DI - Stair 9 studios


Dad recites poetry.
Nazm a form of Urdu poetry is significantly written by controlling one’s thoughts and feelings, which are constructively discussed as well as developed and finally, concluded, according to the poetic laws.

Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan

Featuring - Rafeeq Mohd Khan

The mind wanders only if you let it. 
Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan


The Closing of a Bookstore
Iconic bookstore 'STRAND' bid adieu and these were its lasting images.
Self-initiated Project

A film by Abeer Khan


Paani Foundation
Field Director - Abeer Khan
Camera - Vaibhav Kanade
Producer - Durga Rao Rane

Sound - Yogesh 

Assistant - Asif Khan


Silent Film
Actor - Sandesh Reddy
A film by Abeer Khan


Holland Meets Mumbai Promo films, 2014
Director - Abeer Khan

Host - Sander Dekhuijzen


Personal Essay
Director - Abeer Khan