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'On a Stroll'

On a Stroll

...Soon, the prints were rolled, and further rolled into thick cardboard and then plastic for rain cover.  The roll was placed in my hands by the well-regarded duo at Idea Creative Solutions- Ajitji & Babbanji;  and I immediately felt felicitated. I bid them goodbye. Like a trophy, I held the print roll in my hand, my head high as I walked with grace, it was still breezy at 10:30 pm. The roads shimmered in the drizzle, I remember the hint of joy on the streets, people hanging out from the chawl balconies, a family merrily coming out of the restaurant, a chap hurling a taxi, a nightie-clad woman opening an umbrella, a couple leisurely taking a post-dinner stroll, young men grabbing parcels at the Chinese momo shop, the yellow street lamps - the shop names - the clean counter of the pan-beedi shop.  
In the bylanes of Mumbai, in a corner; I found my answers.

I hope you do too.

I wish you many Mumbai Monsoons.
Abeer Khan
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