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Who Are We







Daa.era - is the circle of inner life.

For some, the circle is the size of their shadow, and for some a vast ocean.

it is the boundary of receptive personal space.

For Rilke, it is the 'Inner Garden', for Camus. 'an invisible summer,

and Sant Kabir says,

'All seven oceans are inside, and hundreds of millions of stars.”

a space where the hero enters to heal

- a monastery, a pilgrimage to own self.

The boundary acts as a link between decision-making and Soliloquy. - intuition is a permanent member and memory is a regular faculty.

An abstract area of mental and emotional jurisdiction.

In it, the past, and future, residing in the present - It is the area of taking decisions, the space of mourning, growing, and the paradox of understanding our own complex selves.

With the demise of my parents this year, I noticed a significant increase in the limits of my being.

The outstretched space is now homing me.


Through this photo essay,

I attempt to explore this concept and define its limits.

Collecting moments from past and present, through the double exposure techniques

- I build this space into reality.

Abeer Khan_PhotoStory_Daaera(4).jpeg
Abeer Khan_Daeera (2).jpeg
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