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As far as I remember I always wanted to be a Film-Maker.  Yes.

After graduating in 2010 from National College Bandra in the stream of Advertising, I dived into the pool of filmmakers, turned out the pool was more like a surreal whirlpool, the deeper I dived the further I was pushed to the surface. Analogies aside, with learning, came the realization there is a world to explore and not just in theory.

So, I took my camera and started making films; short films, corporate films, ad films, documentary films, video art films, and endless AVs (as we all do).

Through this, I learnt sharp editing, intense camera work, line production, direction techniques,  story-edit rhythm, working with actors, handling teams, inferring characters, and of course self-promotion.

It took me nearly a decade, 6 years and 3 months to be precise and I am still a work in progress.


Through Filmmaking and photography,  I try to bring out the inner churning of the character’s mind. In my work, space is a crucial element. I find it immensely interesting to observe the function of the characters in their spaces and create a world of their own.

Finding a pattern to decipher complex human acts and desires — in the form of stories. 

If a story fits within a frame, I photograph it.

If the story mists out of it, then I try to film it. 

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